DATHLIAD CYMRU AFFRICA (Saturday): Kanda Bongo Man, Suntou Susso, Rasha, Agmar Band

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Agmar band

Agmar Band is the brainchild of musician Hassan Nainia who hails from the Sous region of southern Morocco. They play a fusion of North African traditional music, mostly Amazigh (Berber), using the traditional Amazigh instrument the Loutar and banjo.

After a career spanning decades in Morocco, Hassan is now also noted in the UK for collaborating on the 2018 album Jah Wobble & MoMo Project-Maghrebi Jazz and performing with Senegalese kora player Diabel Cissokho.


Rasha is a uniquely gifted Sudanese singer, musician and song writer who has had a global presence in the international music scene for over 30 years.

Rasha’s musical style is a fascinating amalgamation of styles including the centuries old musical traditions of the Nubian culture, rhythms of central Sudan, the tom-tom beats of the African Sahel, echoes and influences of North African, Arabic and Andalusian (flamenco) sounds, modern blues, jazz and reggae.

Through her career Rasha has collaborated with Youssou N’Dour, K’naan, Geoffrey Oryema amongst many others.

Suntou Susso feat. Binta Susso

Susso is a multi-instrumentalist: Kora player, percussionist, singer and composer from The Gambia.

Born into the 700-year-old Griot tradition, Suntou performs his role as a historian, storyteller, and unifier of people through song. The kora is a 22 string harp-lute, a rare and enchanting instrument. Suntou Susso’s music brings nothing but good vibes as it combines the rich, traditional sound of his West-African Mandinka culture with Afro funk and soul.

Plus Cardiff-based special guest singer Binta Susso.

Kanda Bongo Man

Known as The King of Soukous, Congolese star Kanda Bongo Man was one of the earliest artists to introduce this music to the international mainstream. He is most famous for his with mesmerizing guitar solos that gave birth to the famous Kwasa Kwasa dance, championed by John Peel and Andy Kershaw in the late 80s!

Kanda’s music has always been driven by optimism and happiness. His exhilarating performances are exciting and energetic yet deeply rooted in the Congolese tradition. With his incredible seven-piece band behind him, don’t miss Kanda Bongo Man bringing you the joyous music and dance of central Africa.




Jun 03 2023


4:00 pm
Neuadd Ogwen


Neuadd Ogwen
01248 208850